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South Asian Culture, Psychology &
South Asian Women's Mental Health 

Dr Lamba works with women and couples across cultures, including Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. However, she is particularly experienced in South Asian women's mental health and the cultural systems South Asian women are part of, which shape and impact their identity, autonomy, relationships and overall well-being.


We are individuals with an internal world, but we are all part of systems too, this includes our family system, relationship systems, work systems, religious systems, cultural systems and community systems. These systems are internalised by our psyche and shape us in profound and intimate ways and manifest in our attachment and ways of relating.

South Asian women are impacted by both gender and race, which shapes their relationship with themselves. Patriarchy manifests as gender preference for boys, gender based rejection, cultural expectations, body shaming and comes with not only patriarchal trauma but overall identity based trauma too. Narratives around honour, shame, gender ideals, religion-based narratives all combine to silence, devalue and and remove South Asian women from living their true self and places us at risk of enacting and engaging with the false self as a way of defending against rejection and marginalisation from the systems we are part of. This means we are less able to live an authentic life where we are able to connect and respond with our needs and vulnerabilities without experiencing them as threatening. 

Dr Lamba works closely with South Asian women and mothers to help explore their early experiences, what was internalised, the narratives that shaped them and explores intergenerational stories which are running across generations and also impacting them at an embodied level, in the here and now. 


If you are interested in knowing more about the kinds of conversations Dr Lamba is raising in this field, then please see the Blue River Psychology Instagram account. This will give you an overview into the knowledge Dr Lamba holds regarding South Asian culture and South Asian Women's Mental Health.

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