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My Approach

Blue River Psychology is a Counselling Psychology led practice specialising in the emotional and psychological well-being of women and mothers. The Founder and Director of the practice, Dr Lamba, has a specialist interest in exploring how psychological well-being (within the context of perinatal or reproductive mental health difficulties, or wider general psychological difficulties), systemic inequalities, motherhood, reproductive issues, intergenerational trauma, race, cultural identity, all intersect and impact women's lives.

Whilst holding special interests in reproductive and perinatal mental health, we also work closely with women experiencing low self-esteem, life transition and adjustment issues, depression, grief and loss, body image issues, eating disorders, relationship problems (including separation and divorce) and issues around identity. Blue River Psychology is interested in issues that impact women of all ages.


As a practice, we advocate the choices and freedom of young girls and women. Women’s lives have changed dramatically in the last 50 years, which has created ripples and waves in how women have adapted and coped with their social position. There are many choices now for women, which weren’t available in the past. This has led to a position of empowerment for women but not without its own issues. Many women, for example, can still have their roles socially defined in a relational context, for example – wife, mother, grandmother. There are many women of course who choose not to follow these paths and pursue other meaningful life choices, such as career, friendships/relationships and travel. However, voluntary childlessness, whether you are single, co-habiting or married, still comes with social pressures and reactions, which range from prejudice, lacking understanding and even discrimination.


Women who choose a different path from that which is deemed socially acceptable, can end up facing numerous challenges, e.g. disapproval, disparagement, denigration, and criticism. The scrutiny and stigma that come with choosing a child-free life can bring its own emotional and psychological difficulties. Therefore, Blue River Psychology also works closely with women who are contemplating or have made the choice to remain child-free and we work to help them make sense of their identity and how they navigate themselves through society.


Within our practice, Dr Lamba's psychological work is underpinned by attachment and psychodynamic thinking, which suggests that our early childhood experiences and relationships can shape how we view ourselves, our loved ones and the world in which we are immersed in. Another key influence is feminist thinking which explores the sociocultural inequalities and power disparities that exist in society, which ultimately impacts and shapes lives.


Often the aim of psychological work has been seen to "treat" psychological distress by reducing it. However, our experiences of emotional and psychological distress can become easier to manage, once we explore and develop insight into our early experiences and once we develop consciousness of how power disparities exist in our world and how all of this intersects and affects us. It is this sense-making process, which is key in psychological therapy. 

How does Culture, Race, Ethnicity come into it?

Dr Lamba’s attachment-focussed and relational style of working is interspersed with her knowledge on culture and race and experience of working with members of the BAME community. After all, early relationships and experiences are influenced by our ethnicity, culture and racial identity. This approach is also combined with a gentle focus on feminist concepts, which involves reflecting on positions of power in social settings, exploring how women are positioned in society and the impact this may have on women's mental health.

South Asian Culture and South Asian Women's Mental Health 

Dr Lamba is particularly experienced and knowledgeable on South Asian women's mental health and the cultural systems South Asian women are part of, which shapes and impacts their identity, autonomy, relationships and overall well-being. We are individuals with an internal world, but we are all part of systems too, this includes our family system, relationship systems, work systems, religious systems, cultural systems and community systems. These systems can be internalised into our psyche and shape who we are and our way of relating. Please see the Blue River Psychology Instagram account for a glimpse of the knowledge Dr Lamba holds regarding South Asian culture and South Asian Women's Mental Health.


Dr Lamba works using an integrative framework to and enjoys helping women reach a place of empowerment, insight and strength. If this is what you are looking for, then we are the service for you.


At Blue River Psychology, we work collaboratively and inclusively with you to offer tailor-made psychological interventions. This means having access to psychological therapy which is individualised in terms of appointments, number of sessions and the overall approach taken (please note there is always a period of assessment to explore whether psychological therapy can or should take place with my support).

Blue River Psychology accepts referrals from health professionals, including Psychologists, Midwives, Health Visitors, GP's and Psychiatrists. We also accept self-referrals. 

South Asian Women's Mental Health and Culture
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